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Technology We develop tools that foster transparency, accountablity and participation


COMPR is an online app that helps to understand and translate big numbers through illustrations and analogies.
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After the forced closing of Hungary’s biggest political daily Népszabadság and its archive at nol.hu K-Monitor has built a platform to let access to the articles became unaccessible with the help of volunteer programmers. The tool made the hundreds of thousands articles stored by Internet Archive available and searchable to the public. The tool is closed now as nol.hu's archive is online again. Our plan is to scale it to host other ceased news outlets.
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Asset declaration platform [HU]

We decided to build a platform to liberate MPs' asset declarations as they are published in scanned pdf formats no machine can read. With the help of volunteerrs we build a transparent and comparable database.
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K-Teszt [HU/EN]

Corruption does not begin with billion dollar political bribaries - it roots in our everyday life. Take our quiz and test yourself: can you resist favouring yourself?
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Corruption cases mobil app [HU]

Discover corruption and public money spending wherever you go! Comment, share or subscribe to a specific case, person or agency.
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opendata.hu [HU]

Opendata is a free and open source Hungarian data catalogue where public information and data of general interest can be freely uploaded and systematized.
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Civilzseb [HU]

Civilzseb.hu is user-friendly budget visualisation tool. It was made to help NGOs to present their operation in understandable and transparent way.
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Voksmonitor [HU]

With Kohovolit.eu, we created a voting advice application for the Hungarian parliamentary-, EU- and local-elections. The aim of the interactive political test is to help the voter orientation.
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